**NEW** search page

A much anticipated search page is now available giving improved speed and enhanced search capabilities. There is a helpful guide describing this functionality

New look FRDBI

The Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland has been given a new interface with many new features including entering directly, use of maps, setting up groups. There are several more modules under development which will be released as soon as possible

Favourite sites

You can now create and save boundary outlines of the sites you visit, making it easier to review and download the records on that site. You can share your site outlines with other recorders.

Handy maps

Use a map to help you to verify your locations and grid references. Initialise the map to start up where you usually record.

Form a record sharing group

You can form your own group or join others and share records together or take part in a bioblitz or research project.

Helpful hints

Receive some helpful hints about the species you are entering from Kew's Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota and NBN alerts .

Upload images

You can upload images to accompany your record and receive comments from others about your find.